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flow energy, kinetic  energy Germany with approx


12,000 km of river provide about 90 TWh of  electricity 


Hello this is Eric Hoyer, the inventor of many environmentally

The flow energy e.g. at Mannheim is approx. 1.9m/s, so the river Rhine has as much flow energy as all

wind power plants in Germany together. So this would be only one river!  But they continue to do so with

technology that you have to renew every 12 -25 years, their name is renewable energy, so keep buying,

renew money is the word otherwise nothing good !!! But I represent not only a free energy but summarize

it as bundled and store the residual energy in solid fuel storage because this is the best and cheapest.

Please contact me because I have solutions for the whole of England for ocean energy - wave power and

tidal energy and their world firsts - trust me, I can do it !

Eric Hoyer

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Now I come to the flow energy, kinetic
 energy that can 
be represented in Germany with approx. 12,000 km of river and 
larger streams, but which allegedly because the turbines are not 
good for this area - according to experts in their reports - do 
not pursue this flow energy any further.
Although according to their calculation only about 90 TWh of 
electricity, energy can be represented. I have read 
these reports because I myself use such flow power plants for 
free, unbeatable energy, which e.g. B. can also provide the base 
load energy - 150 Tw/h -in Germany as bundled suitable locations. with at 
least 50,000 such very inexpensive moorings that do not require
 expensive damming systems. With about two to three variants, 
the goal is achieved.
In addition, with my slotted pipeline with a web inside (not 
state of the art), existing dams can be optimized or a power 
plant can be operated with them. This type of mine can even be 
used in nature reserves or other restricted areas as this 
pipeline cannot be flushed with sediment etc. nor will it 
disturb the fish. or nature.
My inventions and methods then work with other techniques, 
e.g. B. the ball heating, with up to 1,200 degrees (considerably
 better than Siemens, its air-to-steinstein storage in HH) because
 I have been using the cheap solid storage with balls for years,
 this energy from the abundance, days, weeks or months around 500
 degrees higher than Siemens can do, I'm the global leader.
I would be happy to work with Voith or pass my inventions on to 
The total order volume of all my inventions in 10 years is 
certainly over 15 billion euros worldwide. This includes a novel 
dam and all sediment containment and has significant advantages 
not available to others and is unpublished. In this case, I 
coordinated with my friend, geologist Prof. Ing, who helped build 
a dam herself. Further inventions and processes approx. 45 z. B. 
fire extinguishing systems etc. and a new type of dynamic wind 
Eric Hoyer