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Flood 2021-7 disaster  Ahr  Avoiding sustainable solutions


by Eric Hoyer


How do you want to cope with this unimaginable destruction?

[UNImaginable DESTRUCTION!] - Flood disaster | Dernau & Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler


I am not concerned with taming every force of nature, this is not Quite possible, but avoidable,

the floods of a downpour or a heavy rain etc. that lasts longer to direct and these floods considerably

to weaken !!! Only if my measures shown here and below is a considerable attenuation of the tide

in one Valley etc. or location possible. Only the climate is wrongly mentioned now everyone who is

older will know that there have been huge floods in the last few years 120 years and historical

floods of extreme proportions in streams and rivers the Ahr etc. is reported up to the 13th century,

but not as many victims as in 2021/7 !!! With all the false assumptions that are constantly being

allowed into the people, the figurative reference is missing how every great flood of rain can change

the conditions in the stream and river! So the creek level is increased, changed and drifted from

flood to flood and thus become Then with the flotsam, rubble, sand and sediments, the conditions

created the one essential Bring higher tides in the stream and river. Then there are the branches,

trees and material that is carried away and that accumulates - especially on Stream and river loops -

and again contribute to higher, even larger accumulations that cause a damming In these areas,

the flood of rain can initially move sideways if possible. If there are still bridges in between, the

water level rises considerably, the bridge can no longer withstand this pressure of material and

water and suddenly it bursts, this then leads to the well-known surge of water which rises very

quickly and thus becomes unpredictable. - Certainly the many small brooks suddenly become in

heavy rain swell due to heavy rain and increase the tide by this water potential with each larger

stream !! The rains caused by this tear in this one the following section everything even more, -

because even very small streams 1 - 3 m can rise - Speed ​​and water column alone has more

powerful destructive power than the normally rising water level !!! So the flood of rain will increase

especially where there are deposits.

Eric Hoyer

- 08/01/2021, 08/02/2021 B, 08/13/2021,

08/15/2021, 08/17/2021, 08/24/2021, 09/08/2019

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Environmental damage to an extent that is washed out for at least 20 years, for which the

Greens in the Merkel government are jointly responsible! Add to this the environment was

made up by heating oil, gasoline, poisons and other various chemicals tremendously polluted.

this is certainly not a Seveso accident, but it is an enormous environmental damage to the earth,

Plants, animals and people especially, which is often not visible !!!

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a particularly well explained contribution by the dioxin accident TCDD shows, as in Germany,

(now this chemical accident)

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But the flood of rain in 2021/7 is a major environmental disaster, because the Streams and rivers

have spread everything over a large area in the areas of North Rhine-Westphalia etc., this is how

it will be Loosen from the ground for 20 years and flow via Holland to the North Sea !!

Eric Hoyer

- 08/05/2021 B, 08/15/2021 B, 09/08/2021 -

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The garbage flood - rubble disposal in the Ahr valley | SWR documentary

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See also my links below on storms and levels, historical floods ... Never in the last few centuries

have there been so many casualties as in modern 2021. The flood data up to historical floods and

levels were known, so nothing with climate change. Has nothing to do here but the lazy bureaucracy

that didn't bake it on the one hand because of the associated costs of an evacuation if it doesn't

On the other hand, it would be necessary because most of the communities are bankrupt or have

to act from hand to mouth! From these historical surviving reports it appears that there have been

many extreme floods the Ahr etc. and its small brooks next to it, approx. 20. Therefore the statements

of the climate change as very misleading etc. are wrong and do not correspond to the Facts of historical



Facts of the historical floods, which up to the 13th century - see link below - are proven can be.
It is reported there how heavy downpours constantly hit this region. There was just as heavy rain,
weeks before, when the ground did not absorb anything !! In addition, less rain is absorbed there
because of slate and other volcanic rock this prevents. Or newer drainage ditches are not directed
across but straight down into the river or stream. But then politicians forgot the restraint areas and
preferred to promote auto sport, according to the reports Reports from the 1920s around 1920 and
following. Obviously referring to the heavy flood of 2010! Here is a part of the historical reports,
with a link. below Local influencing factors In the badly hit Ahr valley (district of Ahrweiler) there
were already severe cases in 1601, 1804 and 1910 Floods, according to research the biologist
Wolfgang Büchs put the current flood "everything that has been in the shade". In response to the
1910 flood, the 1920s Years ago, large-scale rain retention basins with a capacity of 11.5 million
Cubic meters pl a n t, in the upper reaches of the Ahr, on the Trierbach, in the Wirftbachtal and at
the Adenauer Bach. The plans were not implemented due to a lack of funds and built the Nürburgring
instead. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that in the 1970s straightened brooks during land
consolidation and in gutters were created by the vineyards the precipitation on the slopes is
discharged vertically, so that the water level in the Valley rises rapidly. [25] Here only the damage
to the railway in 2021/7 Because the damage list of the railway is enormous: flood consequences
on more than 50 bridges, 180 Level crossings, almost 40 signal boxes and more than 1000 catenary
and signal masts. 600 kilometers of tracks are broken, 80 stations, some badly destroyed.
The flood disaster last week mainly affected parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.
Whole areas were devastated here. At least 181 - new - people lost according to current Pay their lives.
from DW
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frontal 9:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m. Failures in disaster control Unheard warnings The top disaster relief
workers in the Bund quickly joined forces and countries safe: they have not made any mistakes.
The … 07/27/2021 Such people have to be removed from office because they pose a threat to the population!
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Exactly this is the scam of politics, everything is nature, there can be times what get out of line and
flood everything, quite normal ... I show Eric Hoyer what you can do against such floods of rain!
(a sentence is missing here) in order to direct the small and large rivers, my measures are required.
Normally rain rises in the old, wide course of the river to about 2 m and in narrow ones canalized areas,
the water in these areas rises to approx. 5 - 8 m! and now with further solutions from me after the
extreme one Flood of rain affecting the garbage. Solutions on the Ahr a new waste separation plant
as a pilot project a center for waste sorting and research on the Ahr. This facility is necessary and
creates many jobs! Here the federal government is asked whether it should not even use a pilot plant
for these purposes of problem trash that has been there for years! Because it remains problem waste
with all its dangers. Personally, I would be in favor of a plant that contains the mud with all its toxins
and substances soak in a basin and then clean the water and separate the valuable waste.
The contaminated areas of the earth have to be removed anyway and deposited separately.
Wood and metal, oil, plastics, gold and silver and many other materials must be further Use cleaning
then be fed! Here it will take years until everything is eliminated, has already been mentioned ... years!
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The course of a flood: These findings can not only be explained well in the following third-party contribution
(the latter part there) but can also be transferred to streams and medium-sized rivers on a smaller scale.
During the flood of rain in 2021/7 My recommendations are also essential to regulate floods.
Eric Hoyer here especially in the latter part of the article
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
The Tagliamento - king of the alpine rivers 6:07 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Film by Björn Kölz and Gernot Stadler
The film follows the Tagliamento, Europe's last untamed river, on its 172 kilometers
Length from the mountains of Veneto through Carnia to to the confluence with the Adriatic Sea. In contrast to … a contribution from sat 3 from 07/28/2021 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Here I would like to point out how such heavy rains and theirs Follows can be predominantly rented out. It is always only up to the calculation of high water, this is not over or only possible from the weather services and their statements - most of them are not suitable to be a help for such floods, because the picture representations like the one are missing exceptionally heavy rain z. B. 150 to 200 mm figuratively in such places Can represent streams and rivers! So the pictorial representations on a stream or river like this can then reach the houses and over the last flood / mark can easily exceed (no one should tell me something like that not feasible in our modern times, then he has no idea what he is saying!), every citizen who lives in such houses that are endangered by the flood would have, be able to take a picture, because the extreme flood marks are known in the meantime, which are also known from historical contributions, but where these notes are also located in the place. ... surely every place has its high water marks, here people acted as if they had the forget. But one main reason why the danger of extreme rain floods is not has been understood is the miserable faint rendering of brightly colored areas of green, blue and red or purple, how does a citizen want to read something out there !!! But advertising on TV has priority then a weighing of politics and other irresponsible people, it won't work higher than at the last flood !! Eric Hoyer - 09/08/2021 - Keeping track of the flood suburbs must have weather and vulnerable people Assess and report positions and then eliminate them, in which the areas, retention basins and very large hollows then released - if the danger limit, i.e. the height of the flood, the place the following places that have been designated for this are endangered then first to open the hollows and retention basins !!! Otherwise there will be no decrease in the tide peaks, that's what this flood flood is about To have tips redirected. Although you can see the historical storms of this region knew, nothing was done, the situation has even worsened. My explanations above and below in my post will be at least the high water peaks of the streams and rivers by diversion into large hollows and retention basin at the moment where a higher risk arises, diverted into this, then only and not before! Certainly, if no hollows have been set up for such extreme floods, something like 2021/7 comes about! It is of course very wrong to say so not been predictable !! So what a person sees is essential! When such amounts of rain are announced, of course, that's it To assume stupidity here from old high water levels and to do so believe it won't go any higher this time !!! Such people are not to be used, rather than to announce too high a tide than to answer for what happened in the flood areas in 2021! ! ! 181 flood victims and many 70 billion damage and suffering! Think about what the politics of the CDU and the Greens are responsible for here, in a word totally irresponsible !!! Eric Hoyer - 07/26/2021 B C, 08/13/2021, 08/17/2021, 08/28/2021, 09/08/2021 - -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- Here are some links: _Ahrweiler / Ahrserie / Ahrserie_Katastrophen_28_June_2014.pdf The Ahr and its floods in old springs List of flood events on the Ahr there you also see the historical floods and their description it is essential that between 10.07. and 18.08. huge floods found these are also historical floods. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ Here is a list of storms and floods, etc., useful ... List of weather events in Europe -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------- So nothing with climate change, there are significant causes with the pollution, with atomic bomb tests, chemistry, fracking and lots of impurities in the head of the Given to people and a huge amount of garbage on land and in the ocean! This is not about the impact of the world's climate on our imagination - we are free and can buy and defile as much as we want - this will cited again and again and this is where I have made a major contribution Climate Change In this post and many others I show what to do and why so !! The main culprits man, and their stupid high Consumption and 100 times too little sorting of waste but also greed and profit! We are free and we are doing well - see my contributions to - Eric Hoyer - 08/01/2021, 08/02/2021 B - XXX 09/08/2021 -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- For the people who are affected, a fate which is hard to take. Has anyone seen anything like this before, rubbish in many streets of the washed ashore and devastated up to 3 meters high. Large areas of the villages and towns have been so damaged Railways and roads have simply been washed away, deep holes everywhere. Homes have been washed away or badly damaged. But it also has in other areas in the south z. B. Braunsbach etc. - also up to 5 meters of rubble and rubble - in Switzerland and Austria local and regional storms and heavy rain given. The local, sometimes considerable, devastation caused by actually small streams, the rivers to be traveled were, but most of them had been avoidable! - I don't mean when heavy rain falls in the mountains, but more here on the mountain flat or mountainous country! - This indicates it would be far better with our modern day techniques had to be warned! But as heard, sirens are dismantled or not working! Or the random number generator is operated and maintained, should one or should not warn !! Apparently no people were in the endangered areas of the streams and rivers ordered to report on the flood. So you just waited what is happening; is this responsibility ?? Here I would like to know if citizens are turned off have been watching the floods ??? revised in areas, on 07/18/2021, 07/25/2021 B C, above 08/15/2021, 08/17/2021, 08/28/2021 -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- The question remains whether such mobile level meters were available and whether they were used? Governments don't admit they are actually broke, it results in no interest in investing and it is pushed onto the Lange bench and forgotten. There are thousands of real construction sites in all areas of the FRG. Only a part of the tasks will be fulfilled !!! Mobile level measurement during floods In order to react quickly to changes in the water level at particularly critical points in the event of flooding the level can be measured continuously with mobile radio sensors. This system, developed by the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, can also be used for serve as a substitute for the solid level washed away or exceeded. [3] have they been distributed? I Eric Hoyer, tell you, watching the floods by people is just as, if not more important, this could have been 200,000 euros but did not cost 22 billion or more! -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Here from my comment from me on the Internet: about storms and precaution, from July 16, 2021 Good morning to those who are not concerned because the other people have to suffer very much! The thing about the rivers is that there are too few, no hollows for them Flood situations provided! It is not very expensive to dig simple trenches in such areas as well to flood these areas if necessary. Surely, such hollows in the landscape must be chosen large enough are around heavy downpours according to the water volume to suffice. The point is not to aggravate the dangerous situations !! You can't stop the whole downpour but you can reduce the amount of rainwater !!! Floods and the associated narrow valleys, especially none Rivers have it all, because when they are from heavy rain are hit, the amount of water can become too high Collect water levels and everything that stands in the way will be carried away. So has z. B. a streambed over the stand before the last Flood filled with sediments and debris and the too powerful Can lead to high water levels! Then the question was this material was removed and with it a Dam built or raised ?? Important: I mean, if the weather service reports up to 200 mm of precipitation, if the train speed is slow, it is normal for the people those who live in valleys or in narrow areas where there is water cannot avoid explaining this coming state of the flood what can be happening there !! In my opinion, this statement has not been made to the extent that so that citizens could prepare for the statements of citizens confirm this !! The power of the big broadcasters clearly shows none here Improvement of information. There was a lack of observers at rivers and middle rivers! Thus, there was no qualitative prediction of the amount of rain those in narrow valleys where they can quickly gather. Here should have been shown much better figuratively, how so much rain then collects and leads to dangerous flood can increase! Here you do not have to pay attention to whether the tide is too high is predicted, but the conditions are such it can do anything rise significantly higher than the last flood of rain, flood. See further below ... historical links to these rains! When it has rained days before and no more floors it is certain that the floods will rise very high! Here it is likely to be even higher than the last severe flood in 100 years. This much stronger warning was partly missing completely! It is not enough to show a few clouds that are colored. In addition, the programs should have been interrupted and the Location in the affected areas must be explained exactly where the Electricity was still there. Can also only be used with the measuring units, as I recommend this in my post more safely predicted will. Personal observation is more important than automatic Measuring stations, well they weren't there at all, still people who observe and report the flood! What are the responsible persons paid for anyway? With about 25 people and the water levels the citizens reported Much disaster would have been averted. Certainly you can't send people out who are themselves put yourself in danger, but from secure locations watch everything. How do you calculate rain floods, floods in streams in smaller rivers? It must z. B. measured at the highest flood flood in the last Years, an approximate prediction is possible! Nobody should tell me this is not possible! If I had this historic one Knowing high water values, I would have issued the following calculation. This means if z. B. 3.71 m was the last high water level, with the expected precipitation of 150 - 200 mm rain, the rise in floods of up to 200 cm and above, that is 5.71, possibly 6.5 m to be expected, certainly in this location - rainfalls days ago - even higher. My calculations make model Eric Hoyer are mine and have during floods mainly used in brooks and smaller rivers, this assumption is always based on the last great flood and the historical one Floods and their areas e.g. B. of a location. It is the predicted amount of rain in mm z. W 150 - 200 mm, i.e. 1.5 - 2 meters in height, added to the last or highest flood. Assumed it was 3.7 m the last flood in z. B 30 years ago, so is historically the highest To compare high water level - these are all known in the place - if this was actually higher, it must also be included. E.g. historical water level 4.6 m, so this highest water level must be on the possible
so this highest water level must be on the possible Precipitation levels are increased, plus always 1m more than security. So 4.6 m plus 2 m and 1 m = 7.6 m as high water for July 2021. Simplified, there is always a flood of rain from the two highest historical ones Floods can be added together, this applies particularly to streams, smaller rivers or narrow rivers Valley locations too, so in well-known places !!! You are dealing with bumps in the rivers and streams, because these have been since Decades not measured their depth or accumulations of sand and debris Sediments were unknown. So then these values ​​are to be applied in the place and the population to be warned and who is roughly affected by it. All residents of these houses who live in the known areas could have been saved and sometimes a lot of belongings and cars, etc., a lot of personal things. The oil heaters, automobiles, chemicals, poisons which have polluted the creeks and poisons for a century Caused rivers !!! Certainly there are always some who do not want to hear and put themselves in danger. But no 181 people would have lost their lives, possibly 20. Now one of my and several measures occurs the 200-300 m a place begin with the deepening of the creek as well as diversion starting at the location. Eric Hoyer - 07/30/2021, 08/02/2021B, 08/09/2021, 08/15/2021. 08/17/2021, 08/28/2021 - Such a prediction according to Eric Hoyer - see above - would have practically all people save life except for those who didn't stick to it or in cars or have died in any other accident! Nobody here has to doubt this, since it is about life and a lot of property, even if the house cannot be saved. These affected areas are unlikely to recover and will have to the construction plans of the locations are completely overtaken until retention basins have been built and hollows have been assigned! But then the nature-mad, Greens would then have filed a lawsuit about the deepening of the brooks and To prevent rivers because some water fleas can be disturbed. But the Greens are jointly responsible for everything, they are in the government. Now the greens and nature people - whom I no longer trust so much - have a century of pollution, to an extent to which everyone is jointly responsible. My contributions on the Internet are groundbreaking for air conditioning !!! Big problems remain: the heating oil tanks in these areas are caused by rain floods can be affected. Solutions for the future must be created here. z. B. no heating with oil or gas, for these flood areas or the tanks need be closable in such a way that no more oil can escape in the event of flooding. - Only the areas at risk of severe flooding are affected. For example, the ventilation of the tanks and shut-off valves must be relocated significantly higher and windows can be made lockable. Tanks must be anchored so that they cannot float up. I think these houses in such endangered flood areas must affect others Change over the types of heating. Should these victims refuse, they must do the themselves Pay environmental costs of pollution. If no insurance cover is granted these types of heating are prohibited. Here I make citizens open to the possibility partly with a and their storage over solids to look at - these are much cheaper than others - which I have invented and far is better than warming and heating water, since water up to 5 times heats up worse than solids z. B. Stone (type warmth) Water needs up to 5 times more energy such as Stone, etc. other solids though this should be heated! Stone can be added here. B. can be heated much higher and can then be used for a short time or long-term storage from z. B. Stone fed with my invented Ball heating and intelligent solid fuel storage, (better like that from Siemens.) This means that heat can be stored centrally and decentrally for days or months! You can also see my page under or with the solar energy room you can z. B. Save up to 3/5 of the global heating energy! Eric Hoyer - 08/02/2021 B C -
The number and size of the small streams must be taken into account, also the narrowness of the valley or other properties such. B. Stream and river loops, bridges should be higher and flood-proof be constructed. Gather important insights: It is possible to make a prediction because the stream bed is in Areas with rubble, branches, trees can fill up tremendously and so the water on this elevated streambed level, what before that, too, lay at this level - filling in of sediments and rubble of the course of the brook - will increase; surely nobody measured this state before the flood of rain but is essential to a new flood for z. B. to calculate a place, what water heights of flooding are possible. The weather services can do that explain what they want, regionally such conditions must be recorded !!! All the television companies must also be distributed much better regionally and be ready to use. So the home is neither protected nor properly cared for. Centralization is necessary with the digital bureaucracy, not with the information for the people, we are practically the last in Europe, also when it comes to property and others social areas. See my social posts on For these reasons, all sections of a stream are that flows through a village or town, or flows along the side, inspect and to measure the depths before the big rain !!! A deepening of the stream bed is at least 1.5 m and open a length of 200 - 300 m before the site - a little deeper, about 2.30 m - and after Place is to be made, it is to be paid attention to the depth adhered to, especially before the storm etc. Bridges and other possible obstacles are to include z. B. Bach loops, sharp bends, etc. !!! In front of the site, at the beginning of the specialization area, there is a Concrete collecting area with elevated Overflow areas with at least 3 restraint waves / areas to build. In this area where sediments and rubble, Branches and trees etc. can collect. This facility, are only necessary in a few places. This area should be laid out so that one can go ahead and between the raised waves the material can transport away. This material is also suitable for the Safety area in villages for dams inexpensive to obtain and build a dam! These rubble and sediments are an essential one Contribution to a flood protection structure, because this material will not continue in the streambed washed away, or there in areas in the Bach deposits and what increases the level there! Thus, stream courses on site and in the site are essential kept free of materials with downpours can be rinsed on and on and so on pose a silent danger in the event of flooding! My pipeline is also included for smaller material, sand and sediments Slitting according to Eric Hoyer, a world first suitable that Material can be flushed instantly in containers, too it is bulk goods what also dry and automatically in a waiting one Container can trickle down and just have to be picked up. Adapted slides are better suited for larger material! -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
Here I point out the possibility of my invented slotted pipeline to use for energy production, which is very cheap for communities no barriers or extra dams are required. You can also use my slotted piping for sediment material - use finer rubble - to raise dams etc.! This can be done for Part without pumping can be done by using these slotted piping rotated 180 ° and sand escapes from the slot. For stronger rinses then pipes without a slot are used. There are also many other variants z. B. the cross-laying in the stream or river with my slotted pipelines, which secures the overflowing sediments, sand and for flushing, filling and usage can be used inexpensively. This latter type has the advantage of sand, sediments in the stream or river become very early disposed of in the areas, secured !!! -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- XXX 08/28/2021 Note: I am also an inventor and love streams and rivers suitable power generating devices, some of which did not stand technology and are much cheaper - often only 1/8 - 1/4 - than known systems are cost-effective - and can be built quickly because all elements are available on the market. It is essential that my systems do not require the enormous buildings Dams etc. all my systems and processes are much cheaper, more sustainable and compatible with nature !! You can choose from items that are available for purchase, can be assembled, construction time approx. 2 weeks to a month. Flood protection in communities with a Power generation plant to be well connected. Eric Hoyer - 07/20/2021, 07/21/2021, 07/23/2021, 07/25/2021, 07/30/2021, 08/02/2021, 08/04/2021, 08/15/2021, 08/17/2021, 08/28/2021 This scenario, scenario, worst case, is then with all possible flotsam, trees, beams, branches, cars, pesticide containers all Kinds of chemicals and poisons and also thousands of animal carcasses all over the place Sizes to calculate, The flotsam can then lead to congestion in the stream, in front of bridges etc. and looking for a way out into the width of the brook, alone with that a new situation will arise that makes the water unpredictable. Where the water then rises and when the bridge breaks, a flood of z. B. 2 meters use that citizens cannot count on because they are not seen. . Because often on this sand and debris hold in the stream branches collect and block and become then carried away at higher water levels, this means up to 1-2 meters of water suddenly appears. Hence some unexpected tidal waves! Here is part 2 of my post referenced because there are also important issues be presented. My opinion: people would have at least 8 hours more time had to bring themselves and their things to safety.
- 08/24/2021
Eric Hoyer
- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------



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