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Fracking is dangerous,

irresponsibly and with lasting effect


Spezial Spiegel TV :Fracking

Fracking is dangerous!
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Attention: the film about Fracking - gas country - becomes on the 12.08.2014, around 20:15 on taking sent, lasts till 22.00 o'clock.


Fracking is dangerous, irresponsible and lasting harm.
by Eric Hoyer


Fracking is dangerous why!

Below are some movies that are still displayed on fracking.

Warning: the film about fracking - Gas country - is on 12/08/2014, sent at 20:15 on Arte, takes to 22.00 clock.




Good morning, wake up please!
on all my websites with above-mentioned Title and homepage Fracking and the urban environment View Eric Hoyer I write myself out of this technique Fracking why you do not know enough about it? Many care only if they have sick or cancer or leukemia.
The dangers that are posed by fracking complex and can reach cancer to contamination of drinking water for the area. Because not only in our narrow residential area with plenty of water, eg. B at no Ostfriesland and everywhere in Germany and all over the world this Fracking is irresponsible towards us and the country from which we get our drinking water and been contaminated food. For about 300 years are then affected with cancer.
Be extrapolated hundred thousand in Germany alone developing cancer by fracking in the next 30 years and die.
As a result, the social health systems, health insurance, government, estimated to be 3 - 12 billion euros damaged. These costs are borne by the citizens unjustly.
Normal would need the approval authority shall be liable therefor or the company must in such cases out large policies.
Here are benzenes and about 100 other chemicals in use, the hazardous and cancer formation has been demonstrated many years ago. Even in the plastic pipes forwarded benzene etc. can escape through the walls; was more than 20 years previously known and prior research, but tubes are used allow the Umweltverunreinigen.
Entire regions are here these companies infested encourages the State nor - this let the citizens - in return no alternative energies are promoted or not sufficient because this money will be used for the promotion of fracking! For example, 300 million will be spent on the promotion of harmful fracking and spent over 3 billion for the healthy of people dying as a recourse and health measures. In addition to that the remedial measures not pay the company, or the long-term consequences - 10-50 year period - from fracking of up to € 10.Milliarden!
Gas and uranium, fracking water is passed concentrated in drinking water and thus enters the people and their natural, yet clean cycles and to the future contaminated to make it unusable. -As in the film contribution Gasland etc. found again and again. -
Fracking is a dangerous procedure from the beginning, so that the natural gas is tapped from deep underground rock layers usually when other gas and oil wells are no longer profitable. After drilling X-blasting operations. To secure the then formed during the breakup fine cracks there to keep them open. There are aggressive ,, chemical hazardous substances (the most fatal to the health and life impact) -having high pressure hunted down, often propelled in dimly observed adjacent layers that were not documented or misrepresented. down to depths of 3.000 m and more introduced surgically. Thus closure of the fine cracks, openings to be prevented.
The earth pressure after the demolition would close this gaping rock formations Partial again. This will prevent a highly dangerous mixture of water, sand and chemicals under high hydraulic pressure multiple repeatedly pressed into the rock. This is intended for. As gas is later released by many porous prepared and formed capillary gas and pumped through Bohrleitungssysteme to the surface.
The reality is the protection of the introduced chemicals and substances shall act under high pressure down there. But this is not possible without pressure losses on the track there. This also means losses in the transport of hazardous chemicals on the path, thus can not be guaranteed, highly hazardous materials would be able to come only in absolute endpoints effect. Even from the pressure conditions are outliers want to escape from the pressure conditions and the chemicals used on all sides, as usual. Thus, a non-controlled process where they exit below.

This next post is very extensive, several hundred pages and is illustrated with many drawings about fracking and includes virtually all of the knowledge that has been provided here in Germany. Note the approval process planning authority etc. the newly certain states and fracking fluids allow finding as representing inevitable - even though they do not know and even fewer know the chemical substances which are introduced here. Here is the test substances is the major diseases cause not been included.

In this preparation, it is only at data from around 2005 until 2012, although this technique has messed up the ground already in 1961 here.
In the US there are 360,000 wells in some areas and some of it is not documented, so you do not know where to be found.
Water consumption is often to 30,000 m³ or sometimes much more per well.
This water is called fracking fluid, and this can vary depending on ground conditions have different compositions and then concentrated on the nature of the rock / material times with fewer times more dangerous poisonous chemicals to make crumbly to rock.
an uncontrolled process which emerges at the other layers in the ground or even on the surface or later from within. This proportion is up to 45% of the total chemical mixture with the water. To this end, get the materials from the rock layers and Erdbereichen flowing through these chemical mixtures, and must be applied due to the aggressive pressure conditions and optimizing search are just negative process parts you must accept and come up with water to the top.
The problem with blasting operations, the direction is down there and generally difficult to predict and may take the further layers penetrated as normal, expand, -. For example, which are interspersed with soft or loose rock! - So these explosions and the following high pressure in its effect are uncontrolled. Their goal is to get maximum impact, therefore, all means are acceptable which leads to success. Thus, most of them highly toxic substances used. Just like everything comes back from heaven, so everything comes from the depths somehow back up, the way is often due to location. Since coming later this back into the upper layers, even to the surface, both through drinking water layers, gases, radioactivity by hiking, substances are dissolved with the fracking fluid or changed, these often come into the public drinking water. See movie gas-lands.
These same processes - by blasting and pressure cavities produced combine with other layers and materials down there, they have it in them and are all dangerous. The pressure of up to 1.600 bar even opened overhead area in the drilling, which changes closer to the earth's surface structure, the times fixed texture in a loose and leaking area, this represents enormous risks for humans and animals, water and air.
It is not every layer homogeneous and alternates in natural areas, not measurable. A dense formation times such. As water-bearing layer of earth has now been opened by the fracking way down or up.
For these reasons, gases and chemicals and radioactivity in drinking water or on the surface are found often times.
The trivialization of these above-mentioned Circumstances is continued up to the CDU and SPD in a world of media shows how dangerous fracking for Germany would be. In addition, significant contributions of real scientists must be calculated warn fracking and have gained considerable material, re-assign the circumstances and toxicity over again and we shake up people and ask no chaos for future generations tolerate.
An Italian group of professionals with other nations have posted significant statements about the chemical Fracking- ingredients; The report has been lost to me, shall find him again, is in English, but very interesting
Fracking is not a sustainable technology but are irresponsible winning strategies that the principle of wasted earth, often do not care what happens after after collection, with soil and water.

Our children need to toxic corrosive chemical broth - up to 100 years and more than sustainable chemicals and substances - carry the can were as pure pressed into the wells at very high pressure. These often come until years later to the surface, often this can still be seen in the operation of the plant. After the end everything is covered with earth, as it was made with garbage decades, even drinking water ladders. Z, for example Neustadt Holstein.
Especially our drinking water is threatened.
Here, the above-layers may be affected since the earthquake triggered thereby, to continue unchecked particularly in the rock. Fine cracks up leading into the water layers can be formed. The search for gas and oil, and what water block their path?
Due to the pressure z. B. a previous blast is then the water in these hairline cracks, equal capillaries, veins continue spacious. Create uncontrolled especially in horizontal layers capillaries and unexplored connections to neighboring regions.
Obviously, everything is permitted what is not seen, and who sees beneath the earth - not even a blind man can feel a little as he likes since come out. It is simply assumed the layer is solid rock, shale, etc. It can be three meters on are very different formations available.
Each agent serves its purpose, it should be kept open by blasting holes, the more the better.
Now what is many people do not know the high pressure of up to 1,600 bar of the blasted fine veins, openings in Christ-tree-like formation starting up ausbildend can continue form of the explosion somewhere. This should be a time kept open to let the chemicals are acting and many explosions followed possibly with repeated high pressure that these chemicals - see the movie Gasland, - seen without these had written my post here to have - and many chemicals, mercury, radioactive particles, oils, and other materials such as quartz sand, steel balls and even these highly dangerous chemicals and oils and everything is ready to assist in this layer. This highly reactive chemicals are used, the even layer make crumbly.

There are also rock views are so worn down that are particularly strong in structure, there particularly aggressive multiple mixtures are needed; it is worthwhile yes - it goes then go to the blasting to possibly the target of up to about 1. 8 - 3 km to reach approximately horizontal.
As everyone can imagine, this area is due to many kilometers squared (9 - 15) - messed up and down over a hundred years there.

Another question is, who wants and must then verify, whether really only the approved area was opened up by fracking? This provides an additional hazard. Do you think the company breaks the blasting from when the layer is not worthwhile. 300,000 to several million can cost a borehole.
Since it is just something more than approved procedure, and then advanced until the maximum just flows. And if not there just remains times more of the chemical cocktail down who checked this already so exactly. A liquid Suhr, water meters are there certainly is not connected.
This is not all, be-because just not enough profit has gone - will again be drilled and drilled in the same manner as described above, this may lead to the goal. Thus, enormous areas - be many kilometers square unusable for water and agriculture.

Great Artesian Basin

Map of the Great Artesian Basin

Map of the Great Artesian Basin
Great Artesian Basin map - PDF (PDF - 722.67 KB)

The Great Artesian Basin is one of the largest underground water reservoirs in the world. It underlies approximately 22 per cent of Australia — occupying an area of over 1.7 million square kilometres beneath the arid and semi-arid parts of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Aquifer and in Quarzialen layers and aquifers drinking water deposits at depths 3000-6000 m be affected.

The soil structure at depth is impossible to determine exactly when their methods and applications, it is here especially to advantage.
Another risk involves the unset underground aquifer, this can include. B. have formed powerful and structurally mixed by Eisverschiebungen particularly in areas of the layers of the earth, who earlier things up shifted and are not otherwise present if not extensive drilling.
Or, for example, layers of glacial sands -. Particularly characterized by powerful water-bearing strata in northern Germany. Which have been filled by glacial water and superimposed later.
Aquifer and in Quarzialen layers and aquifers-water resources
Geological strata continental drift, designated by the movements and overlap the tectonic plates and the great earthquake lakes were included with the water and superimposed in early prehistoric Earth's history, these are called aquifers-water resources.
Now, if such a layer at the edge taken only by fracking, this can mean the powerful water-bearing layer is then contaminated by contamination by hazardous chemicals and oil and gas and significantly contaminated by flow velocity and buoyancy of harmful substances and unusable for the water supply of a large area become.
In these aquifers can-water resources
Be pressure conditions exist then in this
Drilling and blasting in this open
Penetrate formations - later possible - and so
there are a huge threat remains acute or immediate
will. Everything is gone then.

Aquifer and in Quarzialen layers, as well as Aquifere-
This process may come when we will need drinking water for future generations to impact only in decades. This means loss of land and natural surface, taxes and drinking water.
An unforeseen danger! Particularly overlooked by licensing authorities:
A key point is generally in aquifers. These are subjected by rainfall and groundwater changes to continual change the thickness and extent. Where time is no groundwater, can take months, even years later a powerful vein of water be present, because these forms by precipitation z. B.. These compounds will then inevitably penetrate these chemicals mix soup and contaminate all the water. Water plants can thus be promptly closed.

The contracts of the oil companies no protection for this great misery - as well as - for the district under the ground and drinking water. The damage can not pay, or bankruptcy or the company no longer exists. Municipalities and the state will be held liable because the water supply must be re-searched and found. This can take years and the damage and health? ?
The cost of the social security system are allocated across the population. There is still no one company has taken recourse, they have already read something about it. Aaußer the matter with the radioactive drilling equipment. Drill pipe is radioactive to some extent,
tainted drinking water wells and water-bearing strata are contaminated. Especially in the task of drilling the chemical liquor is often pumped back, this has the consequence it penetrates the different layers of the soil in front of the not yet been contaminated. Bohrsuppe is costly to dispose of, the soil is less expensive, right?

This would in tougher laws - this was often generous undermined including brain for this fracking.
It always comes back before the actual drilling using pipes and Ummantlungen were porous or leaking. By abrasion of rock and pressure For these chemicals penetrate at high pressure through the damaged pipes, drilling machines etc. there in the formations located before and can cause irreversible damage for decades! So is in the upper formations where not blown up on the way down, several leaks form and leave considerable chemicals
If already occur in the following article in normal bore such mishaps, the risk is even higher in fracking!


Are there any tests check such systems. Documented the damage or can not see the company in the documents.
You ever wonder whether this really expects the region where such damage and - far too small jobs for the region, for - sometimes only 0, 1% in places more - and if financial losses for the future to come?
The often very financially weak municipalities and cities can not rehabilitate then and so the population will be approved over the heads. Human children are allowed to take everything into account !? !
For example, the protection of future generations is specified in the law, but is not sufficiently taken from the approved authorities, is yes later in the future.

This is the reality in Fracking ladies and gentlemen, dear young people and children. Turn ye even to the politicians of your communities, to the circle first and then to Berlin, which allow such a thing!
Actually already prohibits the sustainability protection for citizens and communities, such. As the Budget Law § 115 by hedging the Demonstrability and tracking, it is required the next generation not to harm. It also means both the social contract protection must be guaranteed.
This would be completely excluded in this technique and also does not intend to sustainability but also destroys the short term due to earnings prospects a unbringbaren ecosystem, water resources and the ground and even the air and the value of an area enormous, the health of the people, especially the children shall not be considered irresponsible on the track.

Are we less than toads value or we have children we are committed?
There is little to be read from the natural defenders. This risk is often hundreds of times higher than what the present. Attention, this is often a lobby which sees the animals before humans. But this is about as with the ADAC!
Eric Hoyer
Please note at the bottom of the part about the licensing authorities, it is essential in the process to Fracking for the moment!
Do your research and see them all times on the internet which is given a good link above told Fracking this, but there's more. The film Gasland shows but mainly on the issue.
My contribution to fracking in Switzerland:
01.04.2014, somewhat expanded on 30.06.2014
Good Evening,
Climate scientists run the whole globe back and forth and see the fracking!
Check real time according to whether the climate scientists lobby Fracking classifies as environmental damage and how this then impacts on climate change.
See it at times these places where fracking was more than 20 years in use and will continue to be used. There are Internet sites marked on all continents except possibly the South Pole for example are marked in red, where already about 20 years Fracking has been applied. I know a person that is important from this technology because it worked so very sick today.
Ladies and gentlemen, these chemicals in the mix with radioactive material destroys the natural ground for hundreds of years and also comes to the surface, solves diseases up to leukemia. It is one of the most irresponsible method to gas and oil to win.

You have to imagine even if that impact is applied in Europe with groundwater - aquifers - in these regions applied immediately or unpredictable in a few years this country and contaminated the ground and everything is inedible, dangerous, unsafe!

It greets the environmental view
Eric Hoyer


Please see also read times my contribution to climate change solutions. It is the best solution at all, because there is no better the dynamic and global acts like mine.
Then my contribution to European water supply, there is no better solution water from the north (fjords) to Southern Europe conduct under European or Euro-water supply water supply or EUR-water piping Eric Hoyer 1st page on the Internet at Google. Under an alternative technique are very interesting contributions of processes and inventions of Eric Hoyer and over a hundred topics on approximately 1,200 pages.

Leukemia, etc.


you may be times inquire in neutral and the surrounding area and many places in Germany where fracking has been used, etc., what happened there with the houses and drinking water.
If you find this is not enough, the reports should - on the internet - View from the USA - gas and other country - if not drinking water but also gas in drinking water was.
The tubes are used for drilling or pumping, had become radioactive, - the pipes were installed as a carrier in the houses - and had a lot of people contaminated with radiation.
Houses had to be demolished. People suffering from cancer, etc. which are then died.
I do not believe fracking in regions that are so densely populated as in Germany and where ground water, drinking water occurs everywhere.
There are continual shown image representations of fracking on Google, but not the distribution of water in the soil, it can go as deep as 6000 meters, z. B. aquifer water resources are severely affected and contaminated. Some of these water resources are ancient and clear and clean. There are powerful resources. Water resources for generations.
By drilling vertical holes are made in part, the then deflected -z in any direction. B: Then in 3,000 feet of water - continues to be horizontal. Are then drilled blasting operations are carried out in different places, - partly solve this violent seismic disturbances from the earthquake can be felt-like into the houses it. Highly toxic agents were in the US so pressed into the ground, within 30 kilometers of the earthquake killed sheep etc. then triggered by the high pressure is an indicator of the distribution of poisons in general.
Other risks associated with fracking
It is, for example, in areas where a landfill was before -. 20 might ago - is stored for 30 years - if these areas is reported as land - then they have in their houses various gases notes that are harmful or dangerous.
So you need to think of this even in fracking.
This area is invalidated and the houses in this area are not even half value, or even worthless! No pig wants to live there!
If you find this is not enough, should the Internet, see reports from Germany and the USA, where not only toxins in drinking water but also gas in drinking water was a dirty broth as drinking water, according to cheers, just coffee drowned out the color and taste, low coffee drinkers !

Which is secret part - - benzene, highly toxic chemicals, acids, mercury, sand with oil, crude oil, release agents into the ground with tremendous pressure - 800 -1.600 Bar When introduced to the views rock. In Fracking also radioactivity, chemicals of any kind is , slate etc. break (fracking) These layers have to be kept open permeable in the materials so that gas, oil, etc. can flow enough - is worthwhile yes - there is just made everything to have a business profit.
These toxic radioactive materials often with the mix of the above Chemicals, etc. poses for the soil and groundwater a huge adverse health time bomb is!

A friendly greeting
Eric Hoyer
(Old Post new Revised on 04/11/2014 and other data and on 30.06.2014, 08.09.2014, 20.12.2014, 28.12.2014 B, C)

My comment:
Authorities: building authorities, environmental agencies, mining authorities, so all competent authorities must approve such a thing, is an increased risk for a healthy life for the community of people who give such permission if too fast. For they are the audit!
Please contact the dangers from not enough. You are responsible for living together in the country and give much controversy and even hurting the population instead. Because if only times is given such permission, it is difficult to prohibit this (§ 42 Administration Act provides only limited requirements for an invalid decision before because the contradictions are then dependent on whether there existed fraud, etc. etc.
The legal departments at these rich companies (Exxon 9.3 billion net profit in the year) are often better than the product what you create! - It is important, such permits must first politically in the town or city by a committee and there I see the next danger for us humans, it is often times given to the welfare of your fellow human beings and their children a permit and there are also taken serious financial disadvantages in buying, even though they have known better.

Thus, the rights and welfare of the people is ignored, mismanaged by politicians, representatives, who you represent. Therefore, it is to protect the rights of the people by referendum an essential duty.
Democracy I see for a long time in Germany at risk because the instruments of citizen decision on the heads of these were made and. So it is also through financial desires not only to unhealthy life, but also wrong, deprivation and significant threat by these sustainable bad decisions.
The financial need of the municipalities and cities (in NRW there is only one community's an increase in the cash of 9 million has) I mean, how this is done, it should be made public, because the citizens there with much to Recovery of Finance and the welfare of the citizens of the people and the city contribute. And not as still laws that discriminate against citizens and difficult nature. This represents a sustainable community leadership that for younger generations later - shows responsibility and is an excellent environment field in the community and citizens - generation contract GRV.
The defeat of community representatives, city representatives, etc. should be able to better control of the people, the approvals of major decisions should emanate from the people.
Notes on some reports about:
Risk of shale gas fracking fight against France.


Eric Hoyer
(New Revised 11/04/2014; 30/06/2014, 09/08/2014 20/12/2014, 28/12/2014 B)
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